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"Les is the most real, down to earth, tell it like it is guy! I've always been happy with his spot on readings and he is very caring and it's not a fake 'I'm going to say hey so you will give me your money'. He is genuine and cares about you! I will always get readings from him! I'm a lifer for sure!"~~Sinja H. Indiana

"Les was spot on about a lot of things for me! He gets straight to the point and doesn't give you vague answers. He can be frank with you and tells you both the good and bad. No sugar coating things with him" ~~Adam J. Michigan

"I met Les at my work. We talked about his gifts and he read me a few days later. It was my first ever read and I was very shocked at how accurate he was about some things going on in my life at that point. I've had many other reads from him and am always happy with what he has to say"~~Stephanie P. Illinois

"I was introduced to Les through a mutual friend. I was lost and needed guidance. Les read me over the phone the first time and was on point about everything he was picking up on me. Since that day, I always look to him for guidance. Not only as a spiritual teacher but also as a friend"~~Shea M. Indiana

"I first met Les a few years ago at the Victory of Light Expo. I liked him immediately! His personality, straight forwardness and true caring for others makes him the wonderful person he is and the only tarot reader I see. He tells you exactly what the cards are revealing to assist you in choosing your path in life. I highly recommend Les. I always look forward to my readings with him at the Expo as well as phone readings with him"~~Bobbi T. Ohio

"I met Les Kluzinski when we served together for 3 years in the Army. Everyone in the unit knew who Les was...and why? Because he's that good of a guy. And all theses years later, that hasn't changed. No matter when we talk, Les will, in his own way, get a feel for me. He always remembers the important things going on in my life and out of genuine concern, steer the conversation in a direction that will draw it out of me. What I get from my friendship with Les, is someone who listens. He not only hears what you say, but he picks up on why you're saying it. Les has a knack for stepping back, truly tuning in, and allowing you to open up. It's one of the traits that made him a popular guy in the Army. As good of a listener as he is, I'll rarely hang up the phone without him telling me, in his own confident, direct and concerned manner... what he senses I should hear"~~Tim G. New York

"Thanks to one of my good friends, I was introduced to Les. Les doesn't just give you a reading, he is a friend. Not only that but his reading was spot on. I have a lot of respect for him because he's not afraid to tell it like it is-good, bad, ugly-you can count on him to be real with you"~~Jenny M. Florida 

"Les, you continue to amaze me by the things you see & hear. Thank you for always giving me a heads up"~~Sam H. Indiana

"When I met Les, I was a skeptic.  During my reading, Les gave me some information about my mother's heart health & I decided to share it with my mother. At her next dr's visit, the dr informed her about a heart condition she hadn't been diagnosed with previously. She made the appointment because of what Les said. He's not a dr or medical professional but he did save my mother's life"~~Carolyn T. Illnois

"Les is the only psychic I will go to for readings. His blunt & to the point way of delivering messages always makes me laugh & his readings are freakishly accurate"~~Margaret J. California

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